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Schedule of Fees

Account Balancing Assistance $25
Account Research $25/hr, min. 1 hr
Business Sweep transactions $3.00
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Check/Deposit Copies prior to statement $1.00/page
Check Printing Determined by style
Closing account within 90 days of opening $25.00
Collections - Incoming $15.00 each
Collections - Outgoing $15.00 each
Hold mail request $5.00/mo. per account
Money Order $3.00
Night Deposit Key $3.00
Overdraft Protection - auto transfer $5.00
Photocopies or fax $1.00/page
Processing garnishments & levies $50.00 + associated fees
Reclearing returned deposit item fee $5.00
Returned deposit item fee $5.00
Rolled coin $0.08 each
Safe Deposit Box drilling Bank's current cost
Safe Deposit Box replacement key $25.00
Special statement cut-off (with images) $5.00
Stop Payment $30.00
Strapped currency $0.25 each
Temporary checks $0.20
Temporary snapshot statement $3.00
Traveler's Checks (dual signature) 2% of amount of checks
Traveler's Checks (single signature) 1% of amount of checks
Wire notification via fax $2.00
Wire Transfer - Domestic/Incoming $5.00
Wire Transfer - Domestic/Outgoing $15.00
Wire Transfer - Foreign/Incoming $5.00
Wire Transfer - Foreign/Outgoing $45.00 min., inquire for fee
Debit Card
Atm cash withdrawal daily limit $500.00
Point of Sale daily limit $1,500.00
Debit Card replacement $5.00
Transaction at ATM not owned or operated by ABT $1.00/transaction + fees applied by ATM owner
Depository Bags
Lock bags (2 keys) $25.00
Tamper proof bags (per 100) Bank's current cost
Zipper bags $3.00
Insufficient item fees
Paid NSF Item fee $27.50
Return NSF Item fee $27.50
Online Banking Fees
Outbound external transfer fee $2.00
Incoming external transfer fee No charge