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Cyber Fraud

You can never be too safe these days. Protect yourself, your money and your identity from online theft.

Cyber fraud in connection with "phishing" is a form of deceit where cyber-criminals build exact copies of web sites from known and trusted companies. Most commonly, websites are created that closely or identically match that of a legitimate company, often using the logos from a trusted site.

Many times, a simple character will be changed in the website's address to make it appear that it is pointing to the correct location. Other times some criminals will purchase domain names that exactly match that of your company with the exception that they choose another top level domain such as .net, .org, .info, to name a few .

What does this mean?
For example American Bank of Texas owns and operates under the web address, but the same address, if available, could be purchased with a ".net " at the end rather than ".com ".

With this said you can understand how easy it could be to be lead into believing you are on the correct location.

In these types of cases, once the customer has gained access to the site, it will ask for personal information not commonly requested online, and without a secure connection.